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We understand that in today's business reality, promoting moves that are not related to the profit line are pushed to the margins of the organizational priorities. But today, times have changed, Gender Diversity in the organization has already become a reality. Organizations today can no longer ignore the need to respond to the burning issue of providing equal opportunities to men and women in the workplace. Both because today we understand that it is an inseparable part of the profit line, and also because it is a trend that is getting stronger, in Israel and abroad, as can be seen in regulatory trends and internal organizational moves being carried out among international companies.


Work Plan

After the organization mapping process, a work plan must be built in order to lead your organization in the most efficient and accurate way to the destination you want to reach. The work plan is built on the basis of the data collected and analyzed by excellent professionals.

Analysing Data

 comparative index

To know where the organization stands in relation  to its competitors and in relation to the entire economy in implementing a policy of gender diversity, it is necessary. "Equal Work" offers the organization an innovative work tool that gives the organization important information about where it is located in the field of gender in relation to competitors, the entire sector and the entire economy.

Stock Market Down

Mapping gender organizations

Like any professional and accurate process within the organization, we start with understanding where we want to go, and what is the best way to get there. In order to implement effective processes in the organization that will bring the organization to the destination, we need to map the organization through internal surveys of the organization, which will provide you with the required information - what needs to be done.

Looking at map

Application support  Recommendations

Like any goal that the organization sets for itself, without targets and tracking them, it just doesn't work. "Equal Work" offers professional and close support of the organization, until its goals are achieved.

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