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Accessibility statement

Like most websites in Israel, "Equal Work" sees great importance in making the information on the site accessible.

To this end, many efforts and resources are invested in making the website accessible so that it is available, convenient and user-friendly for the entire population as well as for people with disabilities.


The site was established in accordance with the accessibility guidelines set forth in the official Israeli standard number 5568 concerning "Guidelines - for the accessibility of content on the Internet" to level AA (hereinafter - the accessibility standard).

This standard is based on the guidelines document of the international organization that deals with standardization on the web - Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

Browser support: The site supports all popular browsers such as: Internet Explorer 10 and above, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

You can contact us regarding accessibility in the following subjects:

1. If it is found that certain information on the website requires additional accessibility adjustments.

2. Submitting a request to access information found on the website and is not obligated to access it.


The references should be directed to us by sending an e-mail to the address


Support for assistive technologies: this website is accessible and adapted for viewing by people with disabilities and allows support for screen reading software.


In order to meet the requirements of the accessibility standard, several adjustments were made to the website:

Changing text size - you can increase the size of the displayed text without losing information.

Keyboard navigation - by pressing the Tab button you can move between areas on the site.

Operation using shortcut keys of screen reading software - if you use screen reading software, you can navigate between the page titles according to the settings of the software's shortcut keys.

Displaying alternative texts on the images on the website - the website images are backed up with an alternative description (alt tag)



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Updated on: 21.11.21 

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