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In a survey by the Peterson Institute for International Economics, in which nearly 22,000 companies around the world were examined, נמצאה קורלציה בין חברות בהן נשים מכהנות בתפקידים בכירים (מנכ"לות, מועצת המנהלים, הנהלה בכירה והנהלת ביניים) לרווחיות גבוהה יותר של חברות אלו_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_b - 15%.

Investing in companies that give adequate representation to women is correct not only from a social point of view - but also economically, in recent years there has been increasing data proving that such investment yields higher returns than the reference indices, and accordingly the demand and supply of financial instruments that allow exposure to companies that promote gender equality are increasing

"Kan" video - are women really less competitive than men, or is it all a matter of cultural conditioning?

Why are women left behind in the job market, and how can this be changed?
Explanatory video of the Van Leer Institute

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