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What is the purpose of the project?

The goal of equal work is to produce change in the employment market, through the reflection of data on gender norms that are applied in each and every organization in the employment market. Transparency of gender data will generate the healthy and correct motivation for the organizations, generate the required attention, and start the process of change. 

Why is it so important to rate?

הדירוגים שלכן ושלכם, יוצרים מיפוי ראשוני חדשני ומהפכני של המעסיקים בישראל, בעיניים  של שוויון כלפי נשים וגברים. On the one hand, the mapping generates the appropriate motivation for employers to make the necessary changes to create an equal workplace, and on the other hand, allows us as women and men who are interested in a balanced lifestyle, to orient ourselves wisely in the employment market.

 Will my personal information be exposed if I rate?

Absolutely not! The project was born to help and promote women, and this main concern of ours dictates our decisions at every step. The ratings are anonymous, we do not collect information about the raters,   and we undertake to publish only a critical mass of ratings on each company, to keep you first, and also to maintain the reliability of the results.
Personal information about the applicants and applicants is not relevant to the project, but rather a reflection of the current situation

How do the organizations integrate into the project?

We believe that those who stand and stand at the head of the organization want to do the right thing, and the values. Everyone who heads an organization is ultimately a private person, who wants to be better here for the next generation.   In addition,It is worth !

Employees today  (mainly generation Z) are interested in identifying with the values of the company they work for, and are not satisfied with good conditions, work experience and a billiard table. alsoResearches showthat organizations that have implemented gender diversityprofitable  more, and their employees are more satisfied.their reputationIn front of potential employees, especially when today   the understanding is expanding that women are an asset to society, and are a solution to the problem "The acquisition of the talentsOrganizations are dealing with it.

In our view,Organizations are in a sense a driving engine for the entire process, and therefore we see them as natural partners in the process.We invite organizations to join us and participatein the company survey, in order to convey with us the message that we as a company (literally)want to make a change


We invite you, leading companies, who are already making processes, to join us and be the ones who lead the economy to economic prosperity and gender balance.

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