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Avoda Shava ("Equal work") is an organization working to change professional culture in Israel and promote gender equality in the labor market. The company was founded in 2018 by Michal Mattes-Litmanovich and Tali Baral-Hess with the aim of creating a new social reality, which will allow both sexes a career and professional fulfillment alongside a satisfying family and leisure life. For employers, Avoda Shava works to help organizations in the public and private sector to adopt norms and practical tools in the way of diversity, balance, inclusion and equal opportunities.

Shaping the labor market of the future together


Cooperation with employers is at the core of the organization's activity, as more and more companies in recent years have been working to expand diversity and achieve gender equality both within and during the hiring process. Some of the organizations do this as part of their commitment to corporate responsibility, some out of understanding for the tremendous economic value that diversity brings with it or as a response to an internal organizational need. 

The motives are often complex, but the bottom line is that most organizations are moving in this direction in the knowledge that this is where the future labor market is going. Furthermore, companies understand that this is a classic "Win-Win" situation: more satisfied employees, financial stability and higher profitability, and an egalitarian and pluralistic spirit that creates value for all of us as a society.

In order to assist organizations in implementing the process, Avoda Shava; offers a unique product that combines information and appropriate tools: the Equality Seal; - an innovative standard that includes research and mapping of the organization, a ranking in a industry comparative index, recommendations and practical tools for improvement, and support until the achievement of established goals.

Board of Directors

רוני קורן-דינר

Ronnie Koren-Dinar

פנינה מזרחי

Pnina Mizrachi

מירה-זוהר סבן

Mira-Zohar Saban

עו"ד טלי בראל-הס

Adv. Tali Barel-Hass

עו"ד הדס ארנון-שרעבי

Attorney Hadas Arnon-Sharabi

אפרת שבתאי

Efrat Shabtai

Board of Directors


Udi Raved

Builder and business manager, people manager, manager developer, lender, business consultant
and a mentor


Michal Mattes-Litmanovich

Entrepreneur, business consultant and social network expert

רונית לוין.jpg

Ronit Levin

 Specialist in consulting and organizational development
Partner and CEO of ERA Consultants

גיא הורוביץ 2_edited.png

Guy Horovitz

Venture capital investor


Inbar Sivan-Bram

business development and startups,
Co-CEO and co-founder


Dr. Yael Proaktor

promoting gender equality

and underrepresented populations

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-10 at 14.18_edited.png


Firms and businesses consultant, Business mentor for CEOs, Chairman of "Other Rehabilitation" association

Board of Directors

Steering Committee

Dr. Or Anabi

Quantitative researcher at the Gutman Center for Policy and Public Opinion Research, at the Israel Democracy Institute and a member of the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Bar Ilan University. His PhD dealt with paternal involvement, new masculinity and the interface between work and family.

ד"ר אור ענבי

Diane Benjoya

Senior marketing specialist with more than 25 years of experience in various international hi-tech companies

 דיאן בנג'ויה

Hana Redo

A serial social business entrepreneur, dedicates her life to creating gender equality and strengthening the status of women in Israel and the world. 

 חנה רדו

Prof. Ronit Kark

Organizational psychologist and leadership and gender researcher. Lecturer in Israel and around the world in the fields of leadership and gender, advises organizations on strategy to promote gender equality, writes "The Equal Note - for gender equality in times of crisis"; together with Michal Mats-Litmanovich

 פרופ' רונית קרק

Adv. Ori Turkia-Shelas

Bachelor's degree in law and communication and a master's degree in law with honors, extensive experience in the field of labor law, wrote the amendment to the law for equal pay for female and male employees 2020

עו"ד אורי טורקיה-שלס

Hila Balack

Senior HR Operation Manager  with more than 20 years of experience working in global high-tech organizations.

הילה בלאק

Maria Green

Expert in community management. The community manager of the HoneyBook company and part of Facebook's community leadership. Lecturer and mentor in the field of community management and development.

מריה פוברצ'יק

Shiri Grossbeard

Director of innovation and employee experience at a startup. Has a rich career that started in journalism, went through senior management and continued in entrepreneurship.

 שירי גרוסברד

The team 

The organization has about 50 professionals, including the following managers:

אלה רביב-נחמני

Data analysis management
Ella Raviv-Nahmani

מירב אהרוני

Management of joint ventures and special projects

Meirav Aharoni

שלי הקש-אגסי

Management and administration
Sheli Hakash-Agassi

נגה גור אריה_edited_edited.png

Marketing Senior consultant

Noga Gur-Arie Golan


Welfare administration

Noa Mantzur


Auditing accountant

Hila Yasdi-Adam


Projects Management
Mickey Gill


Marketing and social media management
Ron Patriano

Partners on the way

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