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  The data shown here are true data

Preliminary results 

They said about the company 

In the category "Family Support Company"

Did society treat your pregnancy fairly?

I had a conversation with one of the employers and he pointed out that maybe pregnant women shouldn't work and this is a burden on the employers

They said about the company in the category

"Advancement of women"

What do you have to say about promoting women in the organization?

The company is male and in key positions the majority are male managers, I do not know of programs to promote women to key positions in the organization

They said about the company in the category


Does your direct manager accept that you are interested in flexible working hours?

No, he cares more about how many hours I work and not what my productivity is

Category Professional promotion for women - relative to competing companies

Category work-life balance - in relation to competing companies

Category Women in management positions - in relation to competing companies

Some data given from the survey "job interviews" 

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