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Many companies have come to understand that sincere statements and minor fixes aren't enough to correct entrenched gender inequality among employees and managers. Avoda Shava is committed to helping organizations and individuals work to enact fundamental changes to work norms and culture. 

Promoting and appointing women to key positions on an equal footing with men, equal opportunities, introducing flexible working hours and hybrid models for working from home and the office, reducing wage gaps - this is only a partial list of the challenges they face. But when they come to make such profound changes, they encounter difficulties and need tools, advice and information.

In order to help organizations achieve real change, Avoda Shava has developed a unique product that combines industry data and useful tools and features - The Seal of Equality.  It's an innovative system and seal of approval that includes research and mapping of the organization, a ranking in a sectoral comparative index and benchmarks in the field of gender equality, recommendations and practical tools for improvement, and support until the achievement of set goals.

לוגו עם אפקט 1.png

The Seal of Equality -
how does it work?

לוגו עם אפקט 1.png

Receiving Seal of Equality

התו השווה 4.png

Professional support to achieve the established goals

התו השווה 3.png

Joint definition of goals and measures of success

Mapping the organization by Avoda Shava

התו השווה 2.png

Understanding the needs and determining a common strategy

Advantages of the
Seal of Equality

Establishes a binding standard in gender aspects, and positions the organizations that adopt it as fair, innovative and at the forefront of unprecedented cultural change in the Israeli employment market. 

The Equality Seal facilitates recruitment and placement processes and helps retain employees.

The Equality Seal contributes to employee productivity, organizational pride and dedication.

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